Sharks Chaplain is on the UP!

Harry Steele

DBL Sharks Sheffield have been fortunate enough over the years to have their very own chaplain support and for those of you who attend the games on a regular basis, you will be very familiar with the Vicar on the baseline banging the sharks drum!

The Sheffield vicar has been the Sharks Christian mentor providing pastoral support to those in need in and around the club in the last five years.

Having many players from overseas requires all kinds of infrastructure to ensure that their time away from home involves minimum stress. Aside from their physical care the Sharks players also benefit from emotional support and as the team chaplain Harry has been on hand to provide spiritual guidance.

Currently the vicar of St. Peters at Greenhill, Sheffield, the reverend Harry Steele has been selected to take over a new role in the Sheffield Diocese responsible for assisting to improve parish church communities across the region.

“I was recently invited by the Bishop to look at a new role that was being created in the diocese called ‘Interim Minister” said Harry. “It is an exciting challenge and I am very much looking forward to it, however my role with the Sharks will continue so I will be at as many games as possible.”

The Sharks were thrilled for this recognition and have no doubts that this role will be a successful programme with Harry on board.

“To provide the role that Harry does with the nature of our players, it is necessary to have a character that can engage with all backgrounds and can identify common ground upon which you can work. I know that quality in Harry has been recognised and we have no doubt that he will do alot of good work” stated Sharks MD Sarah Backovic.

The DBLSharks season opens on Friday 23rd September against rivals the Leicester Riders, if you want to bang the drum with Harry then you can get your early bird tickets now via

Harry Steele