Injury hit Sharks return favourite Babalola

Olu Babalola Sheffield Sharks
The DBL Sharks have lost yet another key player to injury when Tony Wroblicky suffered a broken hand against their win at Surrey Scorchers at the weekend.
The sharks big man suffered a metacarpal break for which he underwent immediate surgery on his return to Sheffield.
The unprecedented number of injuries so far this season stands at 6 with both George Brownell and Kyle Odister still sat on the sidelines with point guard Jordin Davis.
To allow compensation the Sharks have asked forward and Sharks fan favourite Olu Babalola to step in and help support the team through this difficult period.
Babalola spent five seasons at the Sharks and has settled locally to operate his own enterprise , however having kept in good shape his return to the team has come at an opportune time.
“It has been a roller coaster with injuries so far and Tony’s injury is a major blow, but he is well looked after and should be back by the end of the year” said coach Lyons. “ Olu has been here before he knows what to do and we are lucky he is on our doorstep to help us through”.
The Sharks head up to Newcastle tonight to face the Eagles in a weekend of basketball which will culminate in Cheshire on Sunday.
“Its going to be tough but we will have to dig deep and see what happens, we are pretty tough in the face of adversity” summised Lyons.