Junior League Fixtures

Fri 13th Oct 2017U1616:50King Egcbert v Sheffield United12 - 19
Fri 13th Oct 2017U1617:30Rotherham Hawks v Barnsley Leaders19 - 36
Fri 20th Oct 2017U1817:30Rotherham Hawks v Sheffield United19 - 15
Fri 27th Oct 2017U1616:50King Egcbert v Rotherham Hawks29 - 41
Fri 27th Oct 2017U1617:30Barnsley Leaders v Sheffield United41 - 11
Fri 12th Jan 2018U1617:30King Ecgbert v Barnsley Leaders32 - 43
Fri 26th Jan 2018U1616:50Sheffield United v Rotherham Hawks17 - 28
Fri 26th Jan 2018U1817:30Rotherham Hawks v Sheffield United38 - 10
Fri 2nd Feb 2018U1616:50Sheffield United v King Egcbert
Fri 2nd Feb 2018U1617:30Barnsley Leaders v Rotherham Hawks
Fri 30th Mar 2018U1616:50Rotherham Hawks v Sheffield United
Fri 30th Mar 2018U1817:30Sheffield United v Rotherham Hawks
Fri 20th Apr 2018U1616:50Rotherham Hawks v Sheffield United
Fri 20th Apr 2018U1617:30King Egcbert v Barnsley Leaders

*All Fixtures are subject to change please check this page for updates.

Each player will receive a ticket to the BBL game on the night of competition and family members are eligible to book tickets discounted to £10. Family members please contact: Joel Mills - joel.mills@thesheffieldsharks.com01142573180 at least 24 hours before the match to book.

Final prizes to be awarded on court on the last day of competition.