Sharks Aim ‘Above the Rim’ with HeppSY

Sheffield Sharks HeppSY

Mike Garnock-Jones from HeppSY and award winning student from the Above the Rim programme present the MVP award to Sharks guard/forward Dirk Williams.

The Sharks are delighted to have embarked on a new programme with partners Sheffield Hallam University and the HeppSY team.

The pilot phase of “Above the Rim” was developed by The Sharks to encourage secondary school students to understand the impact of higher education and consider it as a serious option for them after leaving school.

The Sharks provided identifiable role models from similar backgrounds to the students to give them a real insight into what they too could achieve. Led by Zach Gachette worked on the project to share his own experiences of growing up, school and university and the young people have used the information Zach gave them to put together multi media presentations about his life, education and sporting career.

Zach enjoyed his experience working on this initiative,

“As a professional basketball player, I’ve got to be a good role model. Projects like this help me to give back to the community. I came from quite a rough background and have managed to graduate from Hallam University, so it’s only fair for me to put something back to try and help other people to have some of the chances that I’ve had.”

As a reward for their efforts all the students received certificates and prizes at a hospitality event before being given a chance to see The Sharks in action.

The student chosen as the winner of the special MVP Award from the programme also got the chance to present the game night MVP award to Dirk Williams, along with Mike Garnock-Jones from HeppSY.

“The programme brought elite sport, higher education and a diverse group of young people together. Its resulted in raised aspirations and positive attitudes to higher education- a great success” said Mike  Garnock-Jones, Hepp Director.

For further information on your school joining this project please contact or visit